Rob Pincus

Combat Accuracy

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

In a live firefight, your target won’t be two-dimensional, and you won’t always be shown their high-center chest. Rob Pincus says you have to be able to fire a shot that significantly affects a target’s ability to present a lethal threat, which requires you to have excellent combat accuracy, or the capability of putting into a target a round or multiple rounds that terminates the threat they pose. Rob gives you the techniques you need to improve your combat accuracy and put down your target before he has the chance to harm you or anyone else.

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One Response to “Combat Accuracy”

  1. muscoe

    I posted this under “The Balance Between Speed and Precision” but it applies hear just as well, if not more. This was my post: Excellent training information. Under stress you must slow down. After many years of “target practice” training and starting “self protection” training, at 5 or 6 feet I could draw, fire six shots as fast as I could under a time limit and stress and not hit the target or even the back board of the target stand. Even now I have to force myself to slow down. That’s not something you want to realize during an actual life and death encounter. Those misses are gong to strike someplace and you are legally responsible for each round you fire. IMO, speed and precision is the most important aspect of your training needs.

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