Compact SIRT Training Pistol SPONSORED

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Duration:   3  mins

The SIRT training pistol is now available as a compact training pistol that allows you to train more realistically and safely — two goals that all your training should have.

SIRT Pistols

SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. SIRT training pistols from Next Level Training have been around for many years and were developed by shooters for shooters, to complement, not replace, live-fire training. SIRT training pistols can do some things that are very valuable and that you can’t do very efficiently or safely with live-fire firearms.

If you carry a compact firearm, the new compact SIRT training pistol is perfect. It fits into the same Crossbreed Holster that Rob Pincus uses for his everyday carry firearm. The SIRT also has different modules available for the base that let you customize it so if you carry a Glock, Smith & Wesson Shield, or Springfield XDS, you can get the same feel on the grip.

How It Works

The SIRT training pistol has a dual-laser resetting trigger with a red laser for take-up and a green laser for when the shooter actually breaks the shot. This is useful to Rob as an instructor because he can see when students are staging the trigger. If the red stays on for too long and then the green comes on, the student is staging the trigger. Rob wants to see the two lasers basically come on at the same time.

The compact SIRT training pistol is also valuable for practicing presentation from the holster, especially if your concealed carry method is appendix inside-the-waistband.

SIRT training pistols are great realistic training tools that match what you carry, enabling you to do realistic, efficient, and safe training in any environment. PDN is proud to have SIRT back as a sponsor of the PDN Training Tour this year.

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