Rob Pincus

Comparing the XD-S and XD(M) Part 1

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus compares two great carry options from Springfield Armory’s XD line: the Springfield XD(M) 3.8-inch 9mm compact gun, and the XD-S 4-inch single-stack 9mm subcompact, which is smaller in the grip area and significantly thinner. Rob examines what difference this makes when handling as well as carrying each on the body. He also shows extended magazine options.

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8 Responses to “Comparing the XD-S and XD(M) Part 1”

  1. Mandi

    I actually conceal carry the designated SA XDSC 9mm 3". Magazine 13rnd double stack and carry 15rnd mags for extra. I love that gun. So, I got the XDS 3.3" which is the Slim not the sub-compact. 6rnd single stack mag and Carried the 8rnd mags for extra. The first XDS never worked right. After twice back to Springfield, long story short they finally sent me a new one. It worked fine, I shot and qualified on it with high scores, but in the back of my mind I never trusted it. I sold it after another team member, who always bragged he never had trouble with his, started having his not go to battery issues like my first one. Just go in knowing these two SA pistols are like apples and oranges. The XDSC and XDS are 2 different animals. Just saying.

  2. kerryd

    In learning more about concealed carry and the opportunities for doing so, I feel I have found a home with PDN. I truly enjoyed these videos comparing the Springfield handguns. I own one currently and will up it to two in the very near future. Thank you for providing a source of reliable info. Kerry D

  3. John

    I carry two difference sub compacts, one is the Glock 27 the other is a Beretta PX4. I personally prefer the PX4 over Glock 27 both are 40 cal.Beretta is the magazine has a pull down clip to give support for the little finger no need for the extended magazine. I like to see a comparison by Mr. Pincus on these two weapons.

  4. TSiWRX

    The X-Tension sleeves also prevent against over-insertion of the longer, higher-capacity (standard capacity) magazines. There have been reports from gun-gamers and those who engage in training classwork of ejector damage from over-insertion in the truncated-frame guns. This can be verified by the individual shooter by loading the longer magazine with dummy rounds/snap cap, and, with only the field-stripped frame in-hand, the magazine driven up (in a controlled manner) into the frame. Contact of both the top cartridge as well as even the magazine lip can easily be visually confirmed, and will be absent with use of the X-Tension.

  5. Jim

    I have the XD, XDM and XDS, all in the .45. Not disappointed in my choice at all!

  6. Tim Eby

    Rob, couldn't agree with you more on the XDM & XDS for carry. I have them both, albeit in .40 S&W and .45 in the 3.3 XDS. I carried the XDM 3.8 for a good while before I bought the XDS, and I must say that there is a great difference in size and weight. I love them both, but carry the XDS now because of the great comfort improvement. I also carry the extended mag as the extra one. For me, I am used to the short handle, and don't mind the pinky being curled up underneath. It actually does contribute to stability from underneath. Nor do I object to the recoil from either one. I'm such a Springfield fan that I also have a full sixed XDM 40 with night sights for home defense and hog hunting. The one thing I object to on the XDS is the small slide lock lever that is difficult to operate. But I can live with it.

  7. akonnor emmanuel

    Am happy to be part of the defense group.

  8. David Gibson

    Great review! I bought Pearce grip extenders for the XD-S. Supports the pinky without adverse effect on concealment.

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