Counter Ambush Home Defense Training Course

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Duration:   4  mins

The Science of Training for the Unexpected Defensive Shooting. This course is now available through the PDN store. Rob Pincus discusses what you can learn at home through this course: not only home defense training skills but also fundamental concepts that are important for your preparations for personal defense in a worst-case scenario. The home defense training set includes a quick start guide, five DVDs of lectures on counter ambushes, a guidebook and a workbook for creating your own personal-defense training program. Learn more about this unique course here.

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2 Responses to “Counter Ambush Home Defense Training Course”

  1. Keith Harper

    I am interested in the counter-ambush home study course. I though I read that it also comes with audio CDs, which i feel would be useful to listen to while driving. I dont see them listed in the counter-ambush course video. Does it come with both DVDs and audio CDs?
    Thank you
    Keith Harper

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