Counter Ambush Home Defense Training Course

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Duration: 4:11

The Science of Training for the Unexpected Defensive Shooting. This course is now available through the PDN store. Rob Pincus discusses what you can learn at home through this course: not only home defense training skills but also fundamental concepts that are important for your preparations for personal defense in a worst-case scenario. The home defense training set includes a quick start guide, five DVDs of lectures on counter ambushes, a guidebook and a workbook for creating your own personal-defense training program. Learn more about this unique course here.

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2 Responses to “Counter Ambush Home Defense Training Course”

  1. Keith Harper

    I am interested in the counter-ambush home study course. I though I read that it also comes with audio CDs, which i feel would be useful to listen to while driving. I dont see them listed in the counter-ambush course video. Does it come with both DVDs and audio CDs?
    Thank you
    Keith Harper

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