Rob Pincus

Covert Carry Bags

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   8  mins

Rob Pincus looks at covert carry options for long guns. When we think of covert carry bags, we usually don’t mean for transporting long guns to the range but rather for moving long guns from our home to our car, from our car to our workplace, or anyplace we’re moving about in public.

We probably won’t be carrying a rifle while grocery shopping or at the mall, and Rob does not recommend that, either open carry (except in appropriate venues such as hunting or at the range for rifle training or practice) or covertly. But there are times when we want that long-gun capability with us for a variety of reasons and we don’t want it to be obvious that we’re carrying a rifle. Using a covert rifle case causes a lot fewer problems.

Covert Handgun Carry

A fanny pack is a very convenient way to carry a handgun covertly. It’s even better if the fanny pack doesn’t scream “tactical” or “gun inside.” The one Rob uses is from a European company called Aegis and unfortunately it is not available in the United States. It holds a full-size handgun and is very low profile.

Covert Rifle Cases

The covert rifle case Rob has been using the longest is from Blackhawk. Rob has an AR pistol set up in rifle configuration in it. It has sights and a brace, sling, and 10-round magazine. There’s room in the bag for extra magazines, a handgun, and more. Best of all, the bag looks like a racket case!

Several models of the covert rifle case look like backpacks. Rob has one from 5.11 and shows how, like many of 5.11’s newer products,it is not really tactical looking, so it would be great for covert carry of defensive gear. It has numerous small compartments in addition to the main one.

Rob also shows a Tuff Products backpack that looks like a regular outdoor-type backpack but was designed to hold folding-stock ARs.

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