Rob Pincus

Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro Overview

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

The Railmaster Pro from Crimson Trace combines a laser and a white light in a rugged and easy-to-use package. This laser and light combo is housed in CNC’d Aluminum, features ambidextrous switching, and can be used in four different modes: laser only, light only, laser and light combination, and laser with strobing light. This video gives a thorough overview of the Railmaster Pro and shows how to install, set-up, and use the device.

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3 Responses to “Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro Overview”

  1. muddog15

    I'm confused, can you set the laser for a range and then hold off if the range is either farther or closer like you do with sites? I'm not sure I understand what you said about that. Thanks.

  2. Arvind

    Wrong Information about Sri Sharanbasaveshwara at 2.20. Narrator has got confused with name Sharanabasveshwara into Sharana and Basaveshwara. It was not Sharana and Basaveshwara as Guru and Shishya but it was Sharanbasaveshwara and his Guru Marulasidhdha who are woseihpprd jointly.

  3. Any opinion? I was considering the CMR 205 for my home defense handgun. But it seems to me that not being able to choose a mode with a single touch might not be too safe. For example, you might wake up in total darkness and choose to use just the light to look around after hearing a noise. if you suspect an intruder, your light could give you away, as I've heard you explain, and agree with. So you shut it off. Then if you do confront the intruder, you might want to use the laser only or the laser with strobe, but you'd have to cycle through the modes to get there---not really a good idea, I think. I did ask Crimson Trace if the paddle switch was segmented, which looking at the picture it might have been, giving you three possible "one touch" options. They said no--it was one switch only, but noted my concern as a possible future upgrade. Anyway, this was just a simple example I thought of, as I'm sure you could think of others. As a new premium member, after viewing for awhile some excellent bits of info by email, I was curious as to your expert opinion. Just as a side note, I currently have the CMR 201 (laser only) on my gun, and have been very pleased with its performance. Looking forward to learning much more as a premium member. Thank you. Respectfully, oldschool4

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