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CrossBreed Belts: Part 1 - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

What should you look for in a CCW belt? It must go beyond the basics of a belt that fits, holds up your pants, and perhaps matches your shoes and/or clothing. If you want a belt that supports your personal-defense gear, you need to be more selective.

Nylon Webbing Belts

We are always looking for functional self-defense gear, whether that is the defensive firearm itself or any gear that works in conjunction with the firearm, in this case the belt.

Some people prefer a CCW belt that’s made of synthetic material such as nylon webbing. The advantages of this type of belt are they are durable, inexpensive, and form to the body over time for comfort. Many of them have plastic buckles. A plastic buckle doesn’t set off metal detectors, which is useful for people working in corrections, in courthouses or anywhere they regularly have to pass through metal detectors.

CrossBreed Holsters, which makes more than just holsters, manufactures an excellent CCW belt and range belt that is also reversible and has a plastic buckle.

Leather Belts

CrossBreed belts also include several leather belts that are stiff and support the weight of more gear than nylon belts. They are the typical duty belt and will be a good match to your duty gear for armed professionals, as well as a great choice for concealed carry. They will wear in over time and become more supple and comfortable while maintaining their vertical rigidity that supports inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband gear, including a handgun, extra magazines, flashlight, or cell phone.

CrossBreed belts have customizable features: color and leather, buckle type, thread color, and belt width. Don’t neglect the “blending in” factor. A CCW belt that matches your shoes and/or clothing helps you look natural when out in public and carrying your defensive firearm.

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