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CrossBreed Freedom Carry IWB Holster

Rob Pincus
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The CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster is a very unique holster for CrossBreed, which does a great job of making very specific holsters that fit very specific needs. For example, their Appendix Carry holster is perfect for that type of carry, but you wouldn’t want to wear that holster behind your hip.

One Holster, Different Carry Positions

But the CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster can be carried behind the hip, in the appendix position, or crossdraw. The Freedom Carry Holster is for the person who has a good reason to want to have one holster and one firearm that they carry in a variety of positions. We don’t mean just seasonally, where due to temperature changes, the user prefers, for example, appendix carry in the winter and crossdraw in the summer.

We are talking about a day-to-day or even during the day, moment-to-moment nature. That is when you want the flexibility of the Freedom Carry IWB Holster and the ability to carry in different positions. This is an inside-the-waistband holster for concealed carry.

Holster Specs

The Freedom Carry is a straight-drop holster that’s built onto a leather back, either cowhide or horsehide. The leather shape of the Freedom Carry has just the right amount of leather to be very comfortable while keeping the frame and slide of the pistol from contacting your body.

It has an adjustable cant clip that allows the holster to be moved to the various carry positions. The clip can be replaced with an Ulti Clip if desired. Comfort is one of the most important factors when using gun holsters, and the Freedom Carry is comfortable to wear all day regardless of the position the gun and holster are in.

The Freedom Carry also accepts firearms equipped with various weapon lights, lasers, and slide-mounted Micro Red Dot sights.

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