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CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

Rob Pincus
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Glen Stilson of Independence Training joins PDN’s Rob Pincus to discuss transitioning from IWB carry to off-body carry or storing a firearm in a quick-access safe or other secure location. What’s the safest way to do it?


As Rob points out, concealed carry all day is often feasible, but if you have to enter a gun-free zone like a bank or school, or when you get home and want to place your firearm in a quick-access safe, moving it safely is critical. CrossBreed Holsters has an effective system for that.


The CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band starts with the belly band, used for IWB carry of your firearm. Inside the belly band is a modular holster made of leather and kydex, which means when you pull out the firearm to move it, you are not drawing a loaded gun with an exposed trigger. The gun is secured within the holster and the trigger is covered the entire time. Still in the holster, the gun can then be placed in a quick-access safe.


Off-body carry refers to carrying a firearm in a bag, purse, backpack, briefcase, vehicle, etc. Glen says that the #1 problem he sees with new students who show up to class with their gun in one of the above is that the gun is not in a holster. The gun must be in a secure holster that protects the trigger, not floating around in a backpack! This is an important element of using gun holsters properly.

Rob demonstrates a Blackhawk bag that is designed for concealed carry with hook-and-loop fasteners. The gun — in a holster — can be secured within this bag and easily accessed if needed. Another great option for off-body carry, especially for anyone carrying a purse, is the CrossBreed Holsters Purse Defender, which is available in different sizes to fit in various purses. It stabilizes the firearm/holster and keeps it easily accessible.


Glen reminds us that NDs often occur when a firearm is being moved from one place to another with the trigger guard uncovered. Whether you employ IWB carry or off-body carry, follow our tips for safe transitioning of your defensive firearm.

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