Rob Pincus

CrossBreed's RAM Mount In-Car Holster

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   9  mins

CrossBreed Holsters has teamed up with RAM Mounts to create an outstanding option for those looking for a sturdy and versatile in-car holster solution. This hard mount in-car holster solution will make your defensive pistol easy to access whether you choose to place it under the dash, near your seat, or attached to the center console. This in-car holster provides a safe place in your vehicle for your firearm.


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19 Responses to “CrossBreed's RAM Mount In-Car Holster”

  1. Richard

    Putting screws in a this plastic is inviting a disaster. Sheet metal screws in thin plastic will not tighten properly and will eventually come loose. Causing the whole setup to fall. small machine screws with nuts and a washer are best for tight secure mounting that WON'T come loose or pull out.

  2. james allen

    if you are going to show how to install this mount then do it right . wrong type screws, you don't force them in till they strip. you don't mention to be careful of what might be damaged behind by the screws. I am a professional and i wouldn't let you near my car. this makes me doubt whether you know much about other things you talk about

  3. Ted

    Need some left handed options.

  4. Ted Duran

    The reason it is loose is your dcrewdriver is going in revers.....

  5. Rob

    I love your videos and appreciate the detail you provide. On this video, take a look at the direction that the drill is turning, sorry to say, the wrong way, righty tighty, lefty loosly. When you pushed the screws in, it was like drilling holes. Everything else was really cool, Thank you.

  6. Terre

    I have a RAM mount on one of my 4 wheelers and it works well. Unfortunately, this system is too large and bulky to be functional. You don't have a lot of room in most vehicles these days. I use the Grassburr Leather system that is more compact and works very well. I spent the extra bucks and got a custom leather holster. I have mounted so I can draw the pistol with almost no movement. It also comes with a pistol cover if your state as laws that don't allow the gun to be visible. It attaches to the mount so you don't have to take it on and off. Hate to seem like I'm pushing another product on this discussion, but Crossbreed needs to hear the limitation from a users prospective.

  7. Clyde H

    Wow you people are nit picking on how it was mounted and not how it could be placed to be properly used. I'm pretty sure that the instructor on his shirt means he is a shooting instructor and not a installation instructor

  8. Clyde H

    I just watched the video about the ram mount holster and it seems a bit bulky. Have you tried the mount system from Gum Creek ? I have it in my car and it works well. It hooks in the center of the lower panel under the steering wheel and uses any standard nylon or leather holster (if you are a right handed shooter you want to use a left handed holster and just the opposite if you are southpaw). I know that mounting systems for vehicles are slim and if you are in small car with limited space (like mine). Like anything it has it's pros and cons. Also I don't work for or sell the system. I found it when I went to the NRA convention when it was here in Houston. Maybe you can check it out and see if there is any faults that I haven't come across.

  9. Kerry D

    You stated the truth Rob- that holster as installed was indeed "temporary". No way amigo that it was going to stay in unless you kept doing what you did...using your fingers to take the brunt of the pushing and pulling of the pistol in and out of the holster. Not what I would call an honest and ethical representation of the problems one will encounter installing the RAM mount. Wouldn't Velcro be a better option ?

  10. vinsnoop

    As the potential buyer you can after that assess whether the automobiles record is visiting subject you to more expenses or problems.

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