Rob Pincus

Demystifying CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Altering the physical design of the communities in which people reside in order to deter criminal activity is the main goal of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. What changes can you make to your home and property to encourage criminals to look elsewhere? In this video, PDN looks specifically at using landscaping around a home to enforce Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles.

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5 Responses to “Demystifying CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design”

  1. Art

    while i agree with what has been said, i believe that security is a multiple prong approach. i like privacy and have tall fences and grapes growing around the perimeter. this of course is not what is recommended. the only easy access is my front door. a camera system i have used for 20 years or more and just replaced it with digital, infrared system that is out standing. it is also recorded. i can not recommend it enough. also 2 rotties does not hurt. since i put up the cameras i have not had a major problem, and that is why i put them up many years ago. i can sit and watch the view without sacrificing my privacy. the tall fence and the dogs seem to work inside the yard. 4 and 8 camera systems have become fairly inexpensive, what an improvement over what was around 20 years ago, in cost and quality. i live in a bad place and can not trust my neighbors. the price you pay when you can not pay or have little money. i do have one neighbor i can trust, but life goes on. i have had dogs poisoned and they are my babies. it sure hurts. but life goes on at least for the moment. oh, my doors have a top and bottom dead bolt, 2 keyed dead bolts. nothing is perfect. multi layered approach. plus, everyones circumstances are different. and the approach must be tailored to you.

  2. Geraldo

    The system starts with an ozone generator chamber where a high intensity Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to break the bonds of oxygen molecules and create the unstable ozone molecule. Another downside to digital scales is that they naturally run on batteries, meaning that eventually the batteries will die and need replacing. These scales have proven themselves to be accurate and easy to read and use, making them a convenient choice whenever you need to measure weight.

  3. wireless doorbell

    4:12 AM ' A commercial burglary at House of Basturma, 2487 Washington Blvd. Again the IC 555 runs in the astable mode, creating flashing pulses at frequencies set by R1 and C1. Some of these systems use remote cell phone door answering, which allows the user to unlock a door remotely using their cell phone as a trigger.

  4. Ken Rhodes

    Excellent point yo 'up trim' hedges so nobody can hide behind a hedge. Look at any bank and you'll see windows are never blocked by hedges to offer cover for bad guys wanting to get in, or to block occupant visibility to the outside.

  5. Steve Craig

    Excellent video, Rob! Something that doesn't get the attention it should. I'm a proponent of 'hostile planting;' using plants that discourage approach. While care should be taken to ensure safe egress in case of emergency, the mere sight of "Spanish Bayonets" in front of a home will give potential burglars second and third thoughts.

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