Rob Pincus

Deploying a Firearm from a Biometric Gun Vault

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Rob Pincus and Andy Loeffler demonstrate the deployment of a firearm from a biometric gun vault. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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2 Responses to “Deploying a Firearm from a Biometric Gun Vault”

  1. Christopher Matthews

    I noticed the title is "biometric", but the model demo'ed is not a biometric vault. It uses a sequenced key press series. I have the identically shaped model vault with the biometric fingerprint reader, and the button above it is to activate the reader. The other three finger buttons are inert. I have timed this myself. (In my observation) It takes an average of three swipes of the finger to activate the latch release if you do it quickly. If you take your time (consider this in a crisis), meaning about one full second to swipe your print, it takes upwards of two seconds to deal with the locking mechanism and opening the case before you have access to the firearm. Many times, even that takes two attempts. I've owned mine for about a year and a half. I use it twice daily (once to remove and carry for the day, and once to store for the eve). Sometimes I have to switch fingers, and sometimes I even have to switch hands before it will read and open. There is also no way to deactivate the beeps on that model, short of busting open the case to access the circuit board and physically damaging the beep speaker. You can program it for up to ten separate fingerprints. There is a traditional key-based backup in case of failure. The experiment is a good idea, but unfortunately doesn't accurately portray the realism of trying to get to a box that isn't out on a clear, flat table with the owner mentally and physically primed to open the box in the shortest time. I would encourage owners to practice this same drill (safety caution - don't use live ammo in the house ;-), just like you should do with your holster draws. At best, you should expect it will take almost twice the time of the video demo. In that time, an intruder could easily clear the whole length of the average sized house. (Please note, I'm not knocking the demo, but am offering my personal observations from daily, non-laboratory use.)

  2. Rob

    Not trying to be a smartass but i am wondering why the pistol is unloaded if it is locked in a safe why can't you keep it locked and loaded?

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