Comparing the XD-S and XD(M) Part 2

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Duration: 5:13

Rob Pincus continues his comparison of the Springfield XD(M) 9mm compact and XD-S subcompact with advice on holsters and most appropriate carry methods. Features shared by the two handguns are shown, including their medium-weight, medium-length trigger. Rob also discusses concerns with the grip safety and how the XD-S has improved this.

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4 Responses to “Comparing the XD-S and XD(M) Part 2”

  1. PDN Team

    Hi, Cody! We are sorry to hear that you’re having trouble viewing our Premium videos. We have sent some troubleshooting suggestions to your email addresses. If you continue to experience difficulty viewing our videos, please contact us.

  2. Gene Hanneke

    Great vid. I like the XD-S, just like I like my LC380. Looking forward to an LC9S at some point. I’ll need to compare the two 9mm’s.

  3. Robert Bowers

    Can’t watch any of your videos unless you make HTML5 available. Flashplayer is obviously being used. I would encourage you to read page four of Adobe’s agreement, it’s pretty scary. I’ve decided to never install it in my computer, because I don’t agree. FYI, HTML5 is made available on Youtube, by the way, so I can watch videos there:

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