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Fenix LD09 LED Compact Tactical Flashlight

Rob Pincus
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Compelling reasons to make a tactical flashlight part of your everyday-carry gear, whether you’re carrying a firearm or not, include using it to find and identify a threat, as well as startle and possibly deter a threat. And of course a flashlight can execute many mundane tasks.

Fenix Flashlights

For several months, Rob Pincus has been carrying a light he considers an excellent candidate for an everyday-carry tactical flashlight and one of your self-defense tools: the Fenix LD09 LED Flashlight. People talk about integrating flashlights with firearms, and Rob thinks it’s a great idea to have a backup light on your defensive-carry firearm and home-defense firearm.

But your primary flashlight should be one that is easy to carry around with you regardless of how you’re dressed, and the Fenix LD09 Compact fits the bill.

Fenix LD Series Flashlights are designed for outdoor use and are ideal for search and rescue teams, outdoor adventurers, tactical users, and defensive-minded individuals.

Tactical Flashlight Duties

The Fenix LD09 gives you all the light you need to find and identify threats. It comes with a lanyard that you can put around your wrist so you can drop the flashlight from your hand if you need to put two hands on a firearm or do something else, and you can then quickly retrieve the flashlight when you need it.

The Fenix LD09 is an LED, which means it’s rugged. The one Rob’s been carrying has held up really well through months of rough handling. It has a clip for attaching to a pocket, and that clip has not come off either.

Operation is via pushbutton, and the LD09 has two modes: momentary and constant on.

Rob is surprised by how much he likes the Fenix LD09 and highly recommends it to anyone looking for a compact tactical flashlight.

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  1. ron

    Rob, that's OK, but all the manufacturers have released new models in the last 10 years.

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