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FN FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

The FNS-9 Compact from FN is a handgun Rob Pincus is very enthusiastic about and believes that more people should consider for concealed carry and defensive use. The reliability and durability of FN guns are well proven. They’re accurate and will work for you when you need them to. Here’s his full review.

Excellent Concealed-Carry Choice

The FNS-9 Compact has a subcompact-size grip and a medium slide and barrel, which Rob thinks is a great configuration, especially for concealed carry. A smaller grip is less likely to print when carrying inside the waistband, and a longer slide and barrel mean a longer sight radius, more power behind the gun, and more weight out in front of the hand to help manage recoil.

Rounds Onboard

There are three options: with the standard magazine, the FNS-9 Compact carries 12+1 rounds of 9mm. With the extended magazine, most shooters (except those with very large hands) gain extra room to grasp the gun and help manage recoil. Or you can choose the full-size FNS magazine, which holds 17+1 rounds.


As with all of today’s FN handguns, the FNS-9 Compact has ambidextrous controls. It includes both visual and tactile loaded chamber indicators on the extractor. Rob presents the other technical features of the FNS-9 Compact and reaffirms how great this gun feels in the hand.

Live Fire

On the range, Rob does some sighted and unsighted fire with the FNS-9 Compact at various distances to evaluate its accuracy, recoil, and sights. Accuracy is excellent, as expected from an FN pistol, recoil is less than expected, and the sights can be replaced with aftermarket sights if the user desires.

Based on his evaluation, Rob believes the FNS-9 Compact is an excellent choice in self-defense gear and hopes to see it more often in the hands of students during training courses.

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4 Responses to “FN FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun”

  1. Sonny

    I purchased this new fn fns9 compact in get flat dark earth , so why can I not get a magazine for that color? Yes it is a great gun but if you have a black magazine kinda stupid! I have contacted FN and they don't really give a fuck, we can't answer your question but keep looking for retailers as we don't sell magazines!

  2. Bob

    I've got one and it is probably the best shooting gun I own. I have gun at twice the price that I would put down to pick this one in a crisis. I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. James Russell

    Exceptionally well laid out video! I'm physically impaired and usually am only able to earn between $5500-$9000 a year, which is why I've not joined before, because most of the videos/scenarios you offer are aimed at able bodied people (which are, to be fair, the majority of your subscribers no doubt), and the gear reviews you offer, are no doubt also superb, but sadly, outside my budget. The reason I note the above, is that while I can't afford 95% of the gear you review, I decided to expand my knowledge base via my personal axiom: "Knowledge is power, be powerful.", in light of potential future, within budget purchases (optics, iron sights, flashlights, ammo, etc.). Further, training techniques regarding shooting, can also help me, even though 95% of the time, they will be 'dry fire' training, as I can't afford to expend expensive ammo. Thank you for your truly superb presentation, and the expenditure in quality cameras and mics, in making a clearly heard, and seen, outstanding video! JR Bailey

  4. Kevin

    I agree with Rob as this is an excellent concealed carry gun. I have had this FN handgun for about six months and it is a great shooting gun as the recoil is super manageable and conceals very nicely with whatever clothes you might be wearing. I am an instructor myself and give all my students the low down on the firearm as it is an excellent gun for those looking for a reliable and accurate concealed carry gun. The only people that would not find this pistol useful is those with small hands for the same reason Rob says in the video.

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