FN FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

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The FNS-9 Compact from FN is a handgun Rob Pincus is very enthusiastic about and believes that more people should consider for concealed carry and defensive use. The reliability and durability of FN guns are well proven. They’re accurate and will work for you when you need them to. Here’s his full review.

Excellent Concealed-Carry Choice

The FNS-9 Compact has a subcompact-size grip and a medium slide and barrel, which Rob thinks is a great configuration, especially for concealed carry. A smaller grip is less likely to print when carrying inside the waistband, and a longer slide and barrel mean a longer sight radius, more power behind the gun, and more weight out in front of the hand to help manage recoil.

Rounds Onboard

There are three options: with the standard magazine, the FNS-9 Compact carries 12+1 rounds of 9mm. With the extended magazine, most shooters (except those with very large hands) gain extra room to grasp the gun and help manage recoil. Or you can choose the full-size FNS magazine, which holds 17+1 rounds.


As with all of today’s FN handguns, the FNS-9 Compact has ambidextrous controls. It includes both visual and tactile loaded chamber indicators on the extractor. Rob presents the other technical features of the FNS-9 Compact and reaffirms how great this gun feels in the hand.

Live Fire

On the range, Rob does some sighted and unsighted fire with the FNS-9 Compact at various distances to evaluate its accuracy, recoil, and sights. Accuracy is excellent, as expected from an FN pistol, recoil is less than expected, and the sights can be replaced with aftermarket sights if the user desires.

Based on his evaluation, Rob believes the FNS-9 Compact is an excellent choice in self-defense gear and hopes to see it more often in the hands of students during training courses.

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