Rob Pincus

Freedom Holster from Crossbreed Holsters

Rob Pincus
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Rob Pincus wears the AIWB Holster from CrossBreed Holsters. It is designed specifically for appendix carry, also known as centerline carry, with the clip off to the centerline of the gun for a right-handed shooter. He places the clip just past centerline, which puts the muzzle of the gun at about 1230 and the grip at one o’clock.

CrossBreed Freedom Holster

Unlike the AIWB Holster, the CrossBreed Freedom Holster has the clip to the right of the gun for a right-handed shooter, back toward the point of the hip, The advantage this gives is that the user has the freedom of wearing this holster as a centerline holster or as a more traditional behind the hip, four or five o’clock holster.

Who Is It For?

Although Rob almost exclusively wears his holster centerline when carrying a full-size gun around the waistline, some people go back and forth between centerline and behind the hip carry. Plus there are people who carry in a traditional position but have been experimenting with a centerline position and want to get some training and some reps before they commit to centerline as their everyday carry location.

For those people, the CrossBreed Freedom Holster is a perfect way to bridge that transition period moving from behind the hip to appendix carry.


The CrossBreed Freedom Holster, like other CrossBreed Holsters, has some adjustment options. On the back of the holster, there is a cutout around the two screws that allows the clip to float. That floating is what makes this holster function well as both a behind the hip and a centerline carry holster.

If you’re dedicated to centerline carry, you probably want to stick with the CrossBreed AIWB Holster. If you switch positions or are experimenting with appendix carry, give the CrossBreed Freedom Holster a try.

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