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Grand Power K100 - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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The Grand Power K100 is made in Slovakia and imported by Eagle Imports. It’s a great-shooting gun with a short, crisp trigger that’s easy to shoot. With its choice of four grips, the K100 fits the hand really well.


It’s a double-action/single-action gun with a frame-mounted safety decocker that allows you to shoot the gun either in single action with the safety on or in double action. Barrel length is 4.3 inches.

It has a very positive ambidextrous slide stop. Being able to lock the slide open in an emergency is important. It also comes with an ambidextrous magazine release. The Grand Power K100 is built as a defensive firearm. The 9mm version comes with two 15-round magazines.


The Grand Power K100 ships with four different backstraps, meaning four options for grip size, all with the right ergonomics. Almost all hand sizes will fit one of them, and the backstraps are easy to change. It’s comfortable for lengthy handgun training and practice sessions.

Rotating Barrel

Grand Power’s rotating barrel makes the recoil impulse of the Grand Power K100 a little delayed and less than you would expect. The rotating barrel also makes it easier to manipulate the slide, a plus for people with less upper body strength or grip strength. Grand Power markets the K100 as a home-defense weapon.

Grand Power K100 X-Trim

This variant of the K100 is primarily for competition. It has a different trigger system, slide, and barrel. Like the K100, it’s DA/SA and 9mm with a 15-round magazine, and has the same rotating barrel system, though the K100 X-Trim’s barrel is longer, at six inches. Weight has been removed from the slide of the K100 X-Trim and it has a side-adjustable Dynamic steel rear sight and fiber optic front sight. Its frame-mounted safety is very large and the magazine release is oversized too.

Get out on the range with the Grand Power K100 or K100 X-Trim. You won’t regret it!

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