Grand Power P40 10mm SPONSORED

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Even though .40 caliber and 10mm are the same diameter, the 10mm cartridge is far more powerful, and it’s making a big comeback here in the U.S. Grand Power has responded to that by offering their P40 in 10mm.

The Grand Power P40 10mm is a 14+1 round handgun with rotating barrel and exposed hammer. It’s a double-action gun with an ambidextrous decocker and ambidextrous magazine release. It has a great trigger, is very shootable due to its ergonomics, and extremely reliable.

Grand Power is a Slovakian company. Rob Pincus has been to their factory and seen how they combine modern technology and manufacturing processes with old-world craftsmanship. Each P40 is assembled by one person, not on an assembly line, for maximum quality and reliability. No MIM parts are used.

Rob believes the best application for the P40 10mm may be back-country carry for protection against large four-legged predators, though some people also choose it for home defense.

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