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Grand Power Q100/Q1S - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

The Q100 is the striker-fired evolution of the rotating-barrel Grand Power handgun. Q100 guns are becoming popular in the U.S. because they’re getting a reputation for being great shooters, incredibly reliable, and very durable.

The Grand Power Q100 is a 15-round 9mm handgun. It ships with two magazines and four interchangeable, easy-to-remove hand grips to ensure you get the proper fit. It’s a full-size gun that would be best as a duty gun or home-defense gun.

For concealed carry, a better option might be the Grand Power Q1S, the short version of the Q100 that has a 12-round magazine.

If you’re not familiar with how Grand Power’s rotating barrel works and what its advantages are, Rob Pincus demonstrates them here.

Grand Power is a Slovakian company. Rob has been to their factory and seen how they combine modern technology and manufacturing processes with old-world craftsmanship. Each P40 is assembled by one person, not on an assembly line, for maximum quality and reliability. No MIM parts are used.

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