Home Defense Handgun Safe: The SpeedVault Biometric by GunVault

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Duration: 4:31

The SpeedVault Biometric is unique among GunVault’s home defense handgun safes because it will deploy the firearm in a position where the shooter can reach into the safe, grasp the firearm and bring it to the ready position for immediate use. Inside the home, the SpeedVault can be mounted up against a wall, the side of a closet, or any piece of furniture such as a nightstand. In the workplace, it can be mounted to the side of a desk.

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9 Responses to “Home Defense Handgun Safe: The SpeedVault Biometric by GunVault”

  1. Richard Ameika Sr.

    Regarding the speed vault by Gunvault.
    I own a gun vault ‘micro vault XL biometric’, model MVB 1000.
    I have been very disappointed with the ease of operation and customer service by Gunvault.
    The biometrics unit for the finger print deteriorated over the 1st 6 months of ownership. Gunvault did replace the unit but the finger print,speed of recognition, has persisted!
    In fact, a relative of mine had asked me about the bio metric safe and then contacted gunvault. In conversations with Gunvault, it was suggested that he purchase a safe that did not require access via biometrics as his age, late 70’s, would possibly contribute to slow recognition!
    I have contacted Gunvault, via e-mail to try and change out the unit I have for something that will work faster or provide consistent access.
    To date I’ve had customer service – NO SERVICE!
    I’m 73 by the way and maybe because of my wrinkled, aged finger prints, biometric recognition doesn’t work as well!!

  2. Mark ruby

    I need to get one my guns are just laying around the house or in my dresser drawer. Thanks for the video.