Rob Pincus

Loading Magazines for Defensive Shooting

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

When headed to the range with a long gun, what’s the best way to set up your magazines for maximum training value? Rob Pincus begins by demonstrating how to load a magazine properly. Then he advises against fully loading mags, because you will be able to predict when the reload is coming. Loading ten to 15 rounds per magazine will give you more practice reloading, plus you’ll be caught off-guard when the reload comes, which is what you want when doing self-defense or counter-ambush training.

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3 Responses to “Loading Magazines for Defensive Shooting”

  1. TomC

    Generally not in a structured class, but in personal practice, consider also including one dummy round somewhere amongst that 100 rounds you are loading. (Hopefully the magazines are all identical so you won't know which one it is in when it comes up).

  2. JOHN

    Maybe simple math, but I think more like over-thinking things. I figure over the heads of most folks that are not LEO. Just saying

  3. Larry Long

    Excellent advice and applicable to handgun training as well.

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