Rob Pincus

Vang Comp 20-Gauge Shotgun for Home Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus has a Vang Comp customized Remington 870 in 20-gauge as one of his home-defense shotguns. He explains why he recommends this setup.


Why does Rob recommend 20-gauge instead of 12-gauge for home-defense shotguns? If you choose a shotgun as one of your home-defense weapons, you’re putting yourself into a low-capacity, heavy-recoil situation when it comes time to defend yourself and your family. But if you choose 20-gauge, it’s a lighter shotgun than a 12-gauge, it’s easier to practice and train with, and there is less recoil impulse when you’re firing it (whether a semi-automatic or a pump shotgun).

You may have family members who might use your shotgun to defend the family, so you want them to be comfortable with the gun, both in shotgun training and practice and in a worst-case scenario.

If you are worried that the 20-gauge shotgun is not powerful enough for home defense, remember it is far more powerful than the handguns we carry every day.


Rob discusses the features of his customized Remington 870. Vang Comp added a Hogue grip, a short grip that is good for use in close quarters and for use by smaller/weaker family members. It has a rubber forend and Rob added a Holosun red-dot sight, though it came from Vang Comp with a nice set of ghost-ring sights.

It has a ported barrel, which is like a compensator for a shotgun. When you port the barrel, it helps control muzzle rise as well. It has an extended magazine tube for a 6+1 capacity, and a beautiful Cerakore finish.

The oversized safety is very important from a safety standpoint, plus is easier to manipulate.


Rob takes a few shots and shows that as far as home-defense shotguns go, this one is very controllable, very easy to shoot fast, and a lot of power comes out of it when using Rob’s preferred round, the segmented slug from Winchester.

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