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Duration:   4  mins

Increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency with the iDryfire laser target system. It’s a great way to set up a versatile scenario training environment quickly and easily inside an area that is not available for live fire. iDryfire is a big leap forward for dry fire training.

The iDryfire system consists of a sensor camera that connects to a desktop or laptop. The shooter aims at the target and starts firing, upon command prompts from the system if desired. The system does not require any calibration or complicated setup.

Dry Fire Training Drills

You can use a SIRT pistol, as seen in other PDN handgun training videos, or any laser trainer such as LaserLyte or Laser Ammo with the iDryfire system. It also gives the option of working with a red laser or an infrared laser.

Ready to train or practice? Prepare your targets. The system will issue three commands: Ready, Stand By, and a buzz, or you can work with a training partner and have that person issue commands.

The first of the shooting drills demonstrated is a Figure 8 drill. After firing, the iDryfire system will display on your computer screen where you placed the shots. Are you hitting on target? Or high, low or to either side? The system clearly displays all shots and you have instant feedback. Dry fire training is more useful than ever!

Additional Feature

Another bonus of the iDryfire system is that you can save your progress. This is helpful whether you want a record of what you’ve done or if you want to review your history.

Simple, safe, effective and affordable, the suggested retail price of the iDryfire system is a very reasonable $135. PDN Premium Members, check the PDN store for special offers. Start improving your shooting skills with iDryfire today!

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