Rob Pincus

Laser Aiming Device on a Defensive Rifle

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

If you have a defensive rifle, you should know how to use it as an aiming device in unorthodox situations. If you need a higher level of precision than kinesthetic alignment will accommodate and you can’t use your sights for any reason, a laser aiming device on your rifle can allow you to predict where your bullets will go. In this video, Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of a Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro green laser in situations where you have low contrast for a sight, or red-dot can’t be used or is broken, or in situations where you cannot get the rifle into a traditional shooting position.

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One Response to “Laser Aiming Device on a Defensive Rifle”

  1. Daniel

    Good discussion about the need for a third aiming system, in addition to a reflex/red dot sight, iron sites, and transitioning to a laser as a third sighting option. Discusses the advantages and limitations of different sites in different situations.

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