Rob Pincus

Advantages of Practicing with a Laser Training Pistol

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Regular PDN viewers know that Rob Pincus is a big fan of the high compressed ready position, not any type of extended ready position. There are numerous reasons for this preference, but the main ones are efficiency and consistency.

You can do more things with the pistol in a compressed ready as opposed to an extended ready. He demonstrates these with a Laser Ammo Pro Laser Training Pistol, a worthy addition to your self-defense gear. Going around corners and cover with the gun in an extended ready exposes it — not a good idea. In an active shooter situation, having the gun in an extended ready looks more threatening than if it is in a compressed ready position, and that can get you shot.

Rob advocates getting used to driving the gun out from the high compressed ready position. This motion is consistent with drawing the gun from the holster and driving it out to take a shot.

Trigger Checking

Another problem with an extended ready position is that shooters often put their finger on the trigger when holding the gun in that position. The Laser Ammo Pro Laser Training Pistol has a useful feature called the Tattletale: a patented sensor design detects even the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard and sets off an alarm, warning the shooter about a potential discharge for shooting drills and handgun training. The device distinguishes between deliberate actions and unintentional incursions into the trigger guard. When an unintentional intrusion is detected, an alarm sounds.

Other Advantages

The Laser Ammo Pro Laser Training Pistol features the ability to change weighted magazines, and the laser can be integrated with a variety of training targets and simulators. The lasers can be infrared or traditional red, and you can adjust windage and elevation to make sure your shots go where you intend them to.

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2 Responses to “Advantages of Practicing with a Laser Training Pistol”

  1. James Russell

    This is the second video I've watched, and it too is utterly superb. I would suggest however, that part of the informational be costs of the items being presented, a range of cost perhaps, low (Street/Amazon) to high (MSRP), so that it will provide an understanding of affordability.


    please let me know why I can not view any of your videos. I have adjusted security settings to include your web site . what is wrong?

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