Rob Pincus

Multi-Target Laser Training System from Laser Ammo

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System and explains why he believes this is an excellent system for advanced defensive shooting training.

Installing the Laser Training System

Rob first shows how easy the system is to install in a pistol. Insert the SureStrike cartridge in the chamber. This ensures no live rounds can be inserted. Place the extension tube inside the barrel. Next, thread the red safety tip on the end of the extension tube. This identifies the gun as a training gun to all observers.

Purpose of the Laser Training System

The Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System allows you to get in solid practice reps without having to be in a live-fire environment. Use this laser training system with targets from Laser Ammo and a beep will indicate when you have made a hit.

The five targets that come with the system are four different shapes and all different sizes. This will help you train your balance of speed and precision. You can set the targets to light up so you can practice clearing a stage — hit the lighted targets, then you can move on to the others.

InfraRed Laser

One of the differences between the Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System and other laser training systems is that there is no visible laser on the targets, because it’s an IR laser. The distinct advantage of the IR laser is you can’t see your misses and adjust for them, making this a more realistic training system since in actual defensive shootings, there’s no adjusting for misses.


Consider adding the Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System to your self-defense tools and accessories. It’s a great and versatile way to enhance your live-fire training and add some situations you can’t do with live fire in realistic training environments.

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