Rob Pincus

LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   1  mins

The LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer is an economical and convenient training tool that you can use in any environment to practice with your 20 or 12 gauge defensive shotgun. The unique “center mass” pattern represents the spread of a typical shotgun pellet round on your target and the UST can be used with any paper or laser-reactive target system. With a pump shotgun, the UST also gives you the ability to track the consistency of your alignment throughout the operation of the action. Witness the unique center mass pattern when practicing with your defensive shotgun.

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4 Responses to “LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer”

  1. Ulises

    The LaserLyte work only with pump shotgun?

  2. Marcus

    Think there's an issue with that much dry-firing?

  3. W. Hock Hochheim

    Very cool.

  4. Free Hacks

    Wonderful things here. I will be incredibly fulfilled to talk to your submit. Many thanks considerably exactly what awaiting get in touch with people. Are you going to nicely decrease me a mail?

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