Rob Pincus

LaserLyte Plinking Cans

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   1  mins

These reactive targets from LaserLyte can make your training more fun and engaging. When the LaserLyte Plinking Cans are struck by the beam from any training laser, they fall over to let you know that they have been hit. The LaserLyte Plinking Cans are perfect for training drills, competitions, or just having some shooting fun in virtually any area. Plinking Cans are sold in three-packs and come with 9 volt batteries.

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One Response to “LaserLyte Plinking Cans”

  1. Joseph

    Fantastic idea and would make practice fun. Emailed them if my laser would work with their can which I would think they would be able to answer. They said their laser would work but they did not know about any other laser. I would think they would be able to give me the specs on what kind of laser would work with their can. That lack of customer support really turns me off. They do make excellent products. I saw their products at a local gun store so perhaps I will go and try.

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