Rob Pincus

LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   1  mins

The LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target presents a convenient way for your to train your defensive shooting skills in your own home with no ammunition costs. The target records your shots from any LaserLyte laser training product and then displays them when you are ready to see how you’ve been shooting. Because the target is designed so that you don’t need to approach it to operate the display or reset buttons, you can use them as target areas in your drills as well. This gives you a larger “high center chest-sized” target area for multiple shot strings as well as much smaller areas to train your higher precision shooting skills.

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One Response to “LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target”

  1. Art Frewin

    i do not have the money right now, but will any red laser work and can a green laser also work? thanks heavens the supply of ammo is getting better. i still think it has a ways to go and even though it can be bought, the demand has to lower and the supply for the ammo has to increase. what is the cost range of those laser target?

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