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Lucid Optics M7

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Let’s take a look at the Lucid Optics M7 red-dot sight, a compact and lightweight unit. It weighs less than 4.5 ounces and is just over 2.5 inches long. It has 11 adjustments for brightness and has a unique reticle.

Compact optics are popular and for good reason. Rob Pincus has the Lucid Optics M7 mounted on a rifle. He prefers compact optics even on rifles because anything mounted near the back of the rifle, where he will be running the charging handle and may be clearing a malfunction, Rob wants those items to be as small as possible. The M7 is ideal for this.


The M7 has a 4 MOA dot inside a 32 MOA circle and a chevron is at the bottom of the circle. A chevron does help to focus your vision to the center of the big circle and on to the dot. Like other circle/dot optics, there’s more than one way to use it. The chevron can also be used as an aiming point.


The user does have to supply their own 2032 disc battery, but the M7 comes with three different risers, which are useful, especially if you’re trying to accommodate other items on your rail. Rob has no backup sights on this rifle and has installed the M7 on the mid-height riser.


When we do defensive rifle training, we’re generally talking about body shots and about being fast. So in this demonstration, Rob uses the 32 MOA to put rounds into the chest of the target. But if he needs to reach out farther or be more precise, he follows the chevron up to the dot and fires at a small half-size target out at 75 yards. Ringing steel indicates success.

If you’re looking for compact optics, the Lucid Optics M7 is a good choice to add to your defensive gear. It’s a small and lightweight red-dot sight that is adjustable, bright during daylight and usable at night on different settings.

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One Response to “Lucid Optics M7”

  1. Jerron Snead

    Your links are wrong. Both video links show an L7 rifle scope. First video is supposed to be the M7 scope

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