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Mission First Tactical MF-1 Extreme Duty Magazine

Rob Pincus
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Mission First Tactical, well-known for their numerous firearm accessories, including their polymer rifle magazines, is now upping their game when it comes to magazines with their new Extreme Duty polymer magazine. Let’s take a closer look at the MF-1 Extreme Duty magazine.

Original Mission First Magazines

Rob Pincus has been using Mission First Tactical standard polymer magazines, and they’re one of his preferred pieces of defensive gear. He’s used them on the PDN Training Tour and given them to numerous students to test and evaluate.

The point of testing was to make sure the magazines were as durable and rugged as they need to be, not only for professional use or staging for home defense, but also for use during rifle training courses. Many of these are high-round-count courses and the magazines are subjected to harsh treatment such as being dropped, stepped on, sometimes used in wet or muddy conditions, and more.

MF-1 Extreme Duty Magazine

When you compare the Mission First Tactical rifle magazines — the original Mission First polymer magazine and the new MF-1 Extreme Duty magazine — you can tell right away that the new magazine is beefier and feels more rugged and sturdier in the hand. The reason is that the MF-1 Extreme Duty magazine uses a new polymer that is 50% stronger and three times more impact-resistant than the already rugged original Mission First magazine. The secret is a longer-fiber strand mixed into the polymer to make it more durable and impact-resistant.

Other features of the MF-1 Extreme Duty magazine are: It has a flared base, so insertion and drop free are easy. It has a wider, more rugged grip that makes it more durable and gives you more to hold onto. It has a self-lubricating four-way anti-tilt follower and a very durable milspec spring. The extra thick baseplate has toolless disassembly and spaces for color coding or numbering your magazines.

MFT will continue to offer its orginal polymer AR-15 magazines, and they’re a great product. But if you need magazines that are even tougher, look for the MF-1 Extreme Duty magazines.

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