Rob Pincus

CMMG MkG45 Guard and the Concept of Pistol-Caliber Carbines

Rob Pincus
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Pistol-caliber carbines are becoming increasingly popular. The CMMG MkG45 Guard in .45 ACP looks and shoots like other ARs but inside it’s unique, and its uniqueness means some serious advantages for shooters.

Radial Delayed Blowback System

This new patent-pending system makes the CMMG MkG45 Guard shoot a lot softer than even 9mm pistol-caliber carbines, and it’s chambered for the more powerful .45 ACP round. CMMG has changed the way recoil is handled by incorporating a radial delay into the bolt carrier group, so it shoots softer.


The CMMG MkG45 Guard has a 16.1-inch barrel. The muzzle has a CMMG SV Brake, and the handguard is the CMMG RKM14. It has a Magpul MOE Pistol Grip and Magpul CTR stock with 6-position milspec receiver extension. The lower receiver is billet aluminum and the upper is forged aluminum. It has a CMMG single-stage milspec-style trigger. Unloaded, the Guard weighs only 5.8 pounds, and the length with stock collapsed is 32.5 inches

The Guard is fed from Glock 21 magazines, which hold 13 rounds. Some aftermarket magazines that hold more than 13 rounds will also work in the Guard.

Shooting the Guard

Before the cameras rolled, Rob Pincus did a function check on this CMMG Guard, but nothing else. He fires his first rounds with it on camera, and finds even less felt recoil than he was expecting. It’s easy to handle and shoot, and all the controls work, with none of the issues found on some pistol-caliber carbines.

Pistol-Caliber Carbines vs Rifles

Whether for rifle training and practice or home defense, the biggest advantage of a long gun is the four points of contact your body has with the gun, increasing your ability to control where the bullet goes. Pistol-caliber carbines offer more precision capability than a pistol, and if you want to fire a pistol round out of a rifle because of its controllability, the CMMG MkG45 Guard in .45 ACP offers less muzzle blast and dramatically less felt recoil than many other pistol-caliber carbines.

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