Rob Pincus

Multiple Rounds into Ballistic Gel

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Rob Pincus conducts ballistic gelatin testing on the new Hybrid-X ammunition from Winchester. He fires three rounds of 9mm Winchester Hybrid-X from 12 feet into 10% ballistic gelatin through two layers of cotton fabric, to obtain wound ballistics data. What sets the Hybrid-X ammunition apart from other rounds?


Ammunition is a necessary part of our self-defense gear. With Hybrid-X ammo, the round penetrates into the core before the fragmentation starts. A traditional bonded hollow-point round also opens up only after it has penetrated the body, but the Winchester Hybrid-X gets deeper into the body before it begins to spread out the damage.

Vital organs are deep in the body, not near the surface. Wound ballistics show that a round that fragments as soon as it hits a target does much less damage than one that fragments only after penetrating deep into the target.


Examining the gelatin block, it’s clear that the three rounds fired do not fragment in the first four to five inches. The only actions are the twisting and cutting as the bullets rotate through the block. At about the five-inch mark, expansion begins when the front of the bullet breaks apart. This continues for about 1.5 inches, then the true fragmentation occurs as the front of the bullet breaks off. The fragments penetrate as much as 15 inches.


The wound channel for the three rounds starts at about two inches when they hit the block and expands to about six inches. A couple of the petals actually exited the block. Examination of the individual petals shows that they have very sharp edges designed to cut and tear.

Rob’s testing confirms that the Winchester Hybrid-X performs as advertised. This new ammo looks to be a good choice for concealed carry and personal defense.

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