Rob Pincus

Nemo Arms Battle-Light Carbine

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

The Nemo Arms Battle-Light 1.0 in .223 Wylde in 16-inch carbine configuration is set up to be an incredibly high-quality and reliable rifle and a very versatile option. If you want a firearm you can compete in 3 Gun matches with, hunt with, set up for home defense, or use as a patrol rifle, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Rob Pincus shows us more.


The Nemo Arms Battle-Light Rifle in .223 Wylde is a billet upper and lower receiver set. It comes from the Nemo factory with a CMC flat-front trigger. These are great-looking rifles – the one in this video has an anodized finish that looks like a modernized tiger-stripe pattern. It’s set up to be used ambidextrously and it comes with an oversized charging handle.

It has a 15-inch handguard on the 16-inch barrel. It’s set up with M-LOK and has a Picatinny rail across the top for anything you want to mount there. Rob has a couple sections of rail added onto the M-LOK on his Battle-Light. He likes them as hand index points and they can be used to brace on barricades.

The barrel is stainless steel with a mid-length gas system. It’s pinned and low profile, even though it is a relatively large handguard. Rob really likes this modern large handguard and finds it comfortable to hold onto. It’s also lightweight.

The Battle-Light has Nemo’s two-chamber muzzle brakes. It’s not pleasant to stand by if you’re shooting on the line with somebody, but it does a good job of helping control the muzzle during rapid strings of fire in rifle training classes.


Rob has a low-power variable optic and an offset red dot on his Battle-Light. This is not the optimal setup for a home-defense weapon, but it is about as versatile as you can get. This is not a setup for long-range precision, but it’ll work at 200 to 300 yards. Rob does some shooting to demonstrate the versatility of this setup.

.223 WYLDE

You’ll notice this Battle-Light says .223 Wylde, but you won’t find any .223 Wylde ammunition boxes anywhere. This is talking about the chamber cut, and that’s a really good reliability issue, .223 Wylde chamber cut. It’ll let you use .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO, and it will help with the reliability.

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