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Non-Lethal Self-Defense

Rob Pincus
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A lot of people who are not actively engaged in the training community tell Rob Pincus that they don’t know if they could kill someone. Obviously it is not necessary to kill someone in order to stop them from hurting you or your family, and it’s certainly not necessary to think you’re going to have to kill someone just to be safer.

Non-Lethal Self-Defense

There are a lot of areas of non-lethal self-defense that start with home and personal security, safety, situational awareness, and items as basic as locking the doors of your house, making sure you know where all your family members are and that you have open lines of communication with them. There are many ways to be safer without being armed with a defensive tool that’s capable of killing someone.

On the other side of that coin, you have to realize that even if you are armed with nothing but your bare hands, you could injure someone in such a way that kills them while you are defending yourself. For example, if someone attacks you and you flail your arms about and knock them down, they hit their head and die, what you thought of as your non-lethal self-defense has just caused someone’s death.

Remember that ultimately what caused their death is the fact that they attacked you. If someone puts you in a position of needing to defend yourself against them, the ramifications of your actions are really not your fault. The action you are taking is the action of responsibility. You have an obligation to defend yourself and your family against the bad guys.

You should still be prepared to deal with the aftermath of causing someone’s death, and there will be an emotional and social aftermath? How do you prepare for that aftermath? Rob has some advice.

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4 Responses to “Non-Lethal Self-Defense”

  1. Gordon Gaines

    Spot on. Nobody in there right mind wants to hurt or kill somebody else. But it's better them than you.

  2. Carlos

    Great presentation as always Rob however the aftermath of a self defense situation that proves lethal especially with the use of a firearm isn't always just psychological, in alot of instances there are legal ramifications, from the police treating you the victim/innocent like a criminal to the prosecutors (some with a bias against guns) trying to have you jailed under criminal proceedings, to probably family members of the deceased bad guy filing a civil suit for wrongful death. I've always said that the police is nobody's personal bodyguard and the police in most cases by no fault of theirs is usually reactive and not proactive in stopping a threat/harm to civilians. Think about it, every person is responsible for their own defense (which is equal to your preparedness, training and responsiveness) as calling the police only comes after something bad has already happened and that is IF you survive to make that call yourself and tell the tale. It really makes me wonder why the system is rigged against law abiding responsible gun owners to the simple right of self preservation.

  3. Kerry Dillenburg

    I was very impressed with your presentation Rob. I am positive you just helped a great many people make the decision, and to accept the responsibility to proactively defend themselves and their loved ones. You don't need me to tell you but Great Job!

  4. Peter Schultz

    Right on, right on, right on!

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