Rob Pincus

PDN 2012 National Training Tour Update: Week 10

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   15  mins

Rob Pincus checks in from Salt Lake City and spends time talking about the very important topic of how to respond to an accidental gun shot wound during shooting activities. This “Must See” video was created to raise awareness about the fact that a gun shot wound could happen at any time that you are engaged in live fire activities: training, competition or just recreational shooting… as a responsible firearms owner, you should have a plan and the proper equipment to deal with such a situation. The simulation video was made with the assistance of Mike Will, Phil McFall and consultation with PDN Contributor Dr. Robert Smith of Direct Action Medical Network.

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2 Responses to “PDN 2012 National Training Tour Update: Week 10”

  1. Charlie

    You know, I used to be interested in the dotisnctiin between hard and soft styles. But I honestly believe this is BS. There's what works, and what doesn't. Some techniques require more force than others, but no system is going to be effective with only hard or only soft techniques. Besides, the video in this post is utter garbage. The techniques, if you can call them that, would NEVER work in reality.

  2. Jay Dub

    Rob--thanks for posting this video.  I live in a semi-rural location, and many firearm enthusiasts are shooting at "ranges" that are Department of Natural Resources lands, without modern services immediately available, and without formal range rules.  This is GREAT general advice regardless of precise location or situation.  J White, MD

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