Rob Pincus

PDN LIVE! April 2016

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   1  hrs

Rob Pincus and John Brown answer questions related to Fitness for Personal Defense during April’s PDN Live event. John Brown was one of PDN’s first contributors, is a former Navy Seal, owns and operates Crossfit Agoge with his Wife Kelly in Colorado and has been a educator in the tactical, self-defense and fitness world for over a decade. While Rob is well known for his defensive training, many people do not know that he is also a certified fitness coach and owner of Crossfit Endeavor in Ohio.

Questions ranged from the best exercises for those interested in self-defense to the best ways for those with physical limitations to train to protect themselves. Both Rob and John shared their philosophies on fitness training and which aspects they believed are most important to focus on. Several questions were specifically related to preparation for defensive shooting and activities that lend themselves well to work in or at home or on the range with minimal coaching or equipment.

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