PDN LIVE: Security & Defense in Remote Areas

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Duration:   53  mins

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus discussed security and defense in remote areas when hunting and camping. If you’re in a remote wilderness area, you might want to carry a smaller gun than you normally do. Subcompact pistols are the perfect balance of carryability and shootability for a huge number of people. If you are carrying a subcompact pistol, or considering doing so, click here to download 5 Tips for Using Subcompact Pistols.

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2 Responses to “PDN LIVE: Security & Defense in Remote Areas”

  1. Bryan Parsons

    I have a Springfield XDS .45 3.3 in I’m looking for a good belt and a good holster. I have my CWP but I’m for personal defense. Thank you

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