Rob Pincus

Patriot Ordnance Factory .308 Revolution DI Rifle

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus gives an overview of the features and range performance of the new-for-2019 .308 Revolution DI Rifle from Patriot Ordnance Factory. The company is known for their piston-driven rifles, and the POF Revolution really did revolutionize the .308 AR market by having a gun that was essentially 5.56mm size except for the magazine well, bolt face, and barrel.

POF Enters the Traditional AR Market

Now POF has taken all the features of the POF Revolution piston-driven rifle and put them into the POF Revolution DI (Direct Impingement). Originally a piston company, POF was reluctant to get into the gas-operated traditional AR market. But their Renegade and Renegade Plus lines have gotten a lot of attention because of all their great features.

POF Revolution DI

The gas operation of the new Patriot Ordnance Factory .308 Revolution DI Rifle means the gun is lighter. It is an adjustable gas system, which will be important to people who want a high-quality rifle and know why those adjustments may be necessary for the consistent operation of the gun.

Everything else you’re used to seeing in a POF rifle is right here inside the Revolution DI. The other good new upgrade, which will be across the line with POF rifles, is a flat housing for the anti-walk pin. POF makes triggers too, so the POF Revolution DI features a great trigger. It has a Mission First Tactical stock and grip, and a great forend with a full rail across the top and a small rail section out front, which can be for a white light, laser light, or bipod.

Range Testing

At a rifle training range Rob Pincus takes a few shots at steel targets at about 40 yards with the POF Revolution DI. As usual with steel targets, the feedback is immediate and in this case almost totally positive (nine shots, eight hits).

Coming to a Range Near You

Rob is excited about having this rifle with him on the 2019 PDN Training Tour because it’s a lighter version of a rifle he already knows he likes.

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