Practical Advantages of Grip Length Reduction on Concealed Handguns

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Duration:   4:03   mins

Rob Pincus discusses the advantages that can be gained in concealed handguns that have a short grip while retaining a standard grip length slide.

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12 Responses to “Practical Advantages of Grip Length Reduction on Concealed Handguns”

  1. Paul Watts

    I was just discussing this very pistol mod with a couple of other Glock CCW guys. But we never thought of the slide mass point. Excellent video, on a critical issue.

  2. charles Hewson

    Just watched modified grip on subcompact. Have you considered windowing slide and recoil management time?

  3. Tuckersnocat

    Hmm, I wonder how that would work with my old Glock 20. The recoil reduction would certainly help in this platform vs the 29, and … then I could buy a newer 20 too (evil grin).

  4. Jim Coker

    If it works for you, it’s a good thing, but it also offers less grip and can be more easily wrested from your hand.
    “If it works, it’s good; you cannot argue with success.” – George S.Patton

  5. Simon

    You’ve got to try the Beretta PX4 Sub Compact. Best sub compact I’ve ever seen. Shoots like a full size frame.

  6. JGHarts

    I guest it is a personal choice on what length of a barrel is best for you. I had just read an article by another expert (not related to PDN) that stated he liked the short barrel on a subcompact since it allowed him to acquire his target faster. He also liked it in competitive shooting too. So as one might see, it can be a matter of personal choice. I also feel that I would hate to cut up a beautiful Glock too! lol It hurts just to think about it. Take a Dremel to smooth out the cut edges.

  7. David O

    A buddy of mine was talking about doing the same thing to a 17 shortening the length of the grip to the same length as a 19 for the same reason(s).

  8. Mick

    Sounds familiar; wasn’t this sort of thing done in the 70’s and 80’s with 1911’s? Another benefit, I would think, is less effort vs. spring due to mass of slide– manually operating slide would be easier.

  9. Chip Chipperson

    Send that thing to Lou at Business End Customs. He’s fair and does great work.

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