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Rob Pincus
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There’s a place for non-live-fire training in our preparations for armed defense. Pyramyd Air has a wide variety of realistic replica air guns that have a role to play in training. During the Fall 2021 PDN Live Product Showcase, Rob Pincus and Barret Kendrick discussed how we can use replica air guns to enhance our training.

As part of his company, Bearco Training, Barret Kendrick runs a scenario training facility. Barret talks about drills versus simulations versus scenario training. People sometimes misuse these three terms, but they have distinct differences.


Drills are the first step with students, who do shooting drills on the range in order to learn skills. At some point students need to move away from static range drills and begin to apply the skills they have learned. This is when they move into simulations, which are a way to see how students can apply skills, but they are done in isolation. There’s no decision-making by the students. They apply their skills in an isolated set of circumstances.

At the next level, scenario training, students need to actually process information and make decisions that involve more than just shooting. The best answer to a scenario may be for the student not to shoot but to run away.


Where do Pyramyd Air replica air guns fit into this? You can practice a lot of gun handling with these 1-to-1 replicas. One of the Pyramyd Air guns Rob and Barret have on the range is a replica of the H&K USP, a complex gun. You can practice drawing from the holster and getting the safety off without being in a live-fire environment.

Practicing concealed carry presentation is another skill set suited to these replica air guns. You can do it more safely and in many more environments if you use one of Pyramyd Air’s guns instead of the live-fire gun.

Replica air guns are also appropriate if you live in a remote area where you can’t do live fire but you have enough room to fire these BB guns. You can also set up an intermediate barrier to keep the BBs contained.

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