Rail-Mounted Instant-on Light for Home-Defense Rifles

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Most people have at least a rail-mounted light on their home-defense long guns, and perhaps also a laser aiming device. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus likes to use the Viridian C5 or C5L light and laser combos, with their instant-on technology.

The Less Efficient Way

Rob planned on using the ambidextrous switch when deploying his home-defense rifle and as part of rifle training. He would get into his quick-access safe, gain access to the gun, bring it up into a ready position, and then if he needed the rail-mounted light, turn it on via the ambidextrous switch, and if he needed the laser, turn it on. Then he realized that misses a big advantage of the Viridian system, the instant-on technology.

Viridian Instant-On Holster Upgrade Kit

He has taken one of Viridian’s Instant-On Holster Upgrade Kits and modified it to work with the rifle. The instant-on technology is a magnetic deactivation. When the device is in close proximity to where the switch is inside the light or laser module, it turns off the light or laser, saving your batteries.

Using the system with a handgun, when the gun is drawn from the holster, the light and laser turn back on. To modify it to work with a long gun, Rob takes the magnetic device and epoxies it to a cable or cord (using materials that come in the Holster Upgrade Kit) and sets it up in his quick-access safe.

When Rob accesses the rifle and pulls it away from the magnetic device, the rail-mounted light and laser are automatically on. (He can shut them off via the switch.)

Modifying the Holster Upgrade Kit as an instant release from your long-gun staging area is a great way to maximize the instant-on capability of the Viridian light and laser system.

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