Rob Pincus

Safe and Sound Radio Vault

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

The new Cannon Security Products RadioVault allows you to secure valuables in plain sight and access them efficiently via a biometric lock. The Radio Vault is a fully functional clock radio that integrates with your iPhone or iPod for charging and playing music. With the concealed drawer in the base of the Radio Vault, you can conveniently secure valuables and have them accessible near your bed, in your kitchen or in any office setting without anyone knowing!

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9 Responses to “Safe and Sound Radio Vault”

  1. James

    Only downside is if a break in occurs that would be taken so you will loose your firearms or papers . That is a bad deal for sure

  2. Gus

    I like it that it doesn't look like a GunVault, therefore not making it obvious that a gun is stored in it. It would be great if they add a system to bolt it down to a night table or a cable to secure it. Either way, I would only use it to store a gun at night that I would use for quick access but I would not use it to store a handgun or valuables when I am not at home.

  3. Jenette

    One thing I'm curious about is will the safe part of this device function during a power outage? If so how long can the power be out for before the biometric lock loses functionality? Depending on the scenario one could easily need access to the stored weapon or valuable during a power outage, and having the safe turn into a accessible brick would severely limits it's usage. I also find the lock location being so obvious a bit of a drawback, since to any would be thief of any proficiency, the lock is plainly obvious. Disguising it as a batter access panel or along the front as a remote receiver would solve the issue nicely.

  4. william Freier

    I have an earlier version of this and can be bolted down.

  5. John

    Can it be bolted down? The website doesn't say. Also, Rob mentioned using it (or similar vaults) in the car. I'm in the great soon-to-be frozen north (Chicago) so anything battery operated won't work. Cold sucks the juice out of batteries.

  6. Keith Canonic

    Your site doesn't readily send you to an order or pricing site. An eternal round is not helpful

  7. David

    If thieves broke into your home when you were not there, they would probably just steal the radio... and your gun / valuables too. I've got a mattress mate holster on the edge of my bed. I take my pants off at night to go to bed, my gun goes in the holster... I get dressed in the morning, the gun goes back in my belt holster on my pants.

  8. George1

    Not bad, but I feel anything to do with this kind of system it would be taken by thieves.

  9. Ernie42

    I like what I seen on this safe, looks like a radio & you can put your i phone in it. Check it out....

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