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Springfield Armory - 2017 Tour Sponsor

Rob Pincus
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Springfield Armory is back sponsoring the 2017 PDN Training Tour. Springfield’s XD pistols are a primary feature in that sponsorship. The XD pistols are a great option for home or personal defense, concealed carry, duty, or anything you’re looking for in a defensive pistol.

Springfield Armory XD Pistols

Though Springfield Armory makes many other excellent firearms, Rob Pincus is a big fan of the XD pistols, especially their ergonomics, going back to when they were introduced here about 15 years ago. The Mod.2 evolution of the XDs, with the famous Grip Zone markings on the side of the gun, took these guns to another level.

XDs have always fit people’s hands well. But with the Mod.2, Rob knows that if a student comes to a PDN Training Tour class with no gun, an inappropriate gun, or if their gun fails during the class, he can give them a Mod.2 XD demo gun and it will fit 99% of people. Plus the XDs are incredibly reliable.

Springfield’s XD Mod.2 series comes in different configurations. For defensive use, Rob recommends the XD Mod.2 with four-inch barrel and chambered in 9mm.

XD Mod.2

Rob gives his highest recommendation to the Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 pistols for anyone looking for a defensive pistol, because of the number of students he has seen go through class using an XD Mod.2. This includes people of a variety of ages, shooting experience, and skill levels. As self-defense gear, these guns work.

The Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 is the focus of the relationship on the PDN Training Tour, but Rob also recommends the XD-S and XD(M). Learn more about these, including which one Rob carries every day and why.

Thanks again to Springfield Armory for their continued support!

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