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Rob Pincus
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It’s great to have Springfield Armory and their XD series of pistols back on the PDN Training Tour for 2018. One of the best choices for a reliable handgun that will fit most hands and fulfill concealed-carry and home-defense roles is the four-inch XD Mod.2, a Springfield XD subcompact.

Springfield XD-S and XD Mod.2

The XD Mod.2 is one of the best updates to an existing chassis that Rob Pincus has ever seen. The original Springfield XD subcompact already fit a lot of hands very well, but the XD Mod.2 contours allow it to fit even more hands really well, an important factor when choosing a handgun for handgun training, concealed carry, or home defense.

Back when Springfield came out with their four-inch XD-S pistol, Rob became a big fan of its shape and size. He likes its longer slide and the longer barrel that gives him more weight out in front of his hand. It’s relatively easy to carry and conceal inside the waistband, and he can get his entire hand on the grip. The XD-S has an eight-round capacity, full-size sights, good serrations on the back for manipulations, loaded chamber indicator, and a good trigger.

When the Springfield XD-S came out, Rob stopped carrying the gun he was carrying, and the four-inch XD-S became his everyday carry gun. He’s also observed many students shooting the XD-S really well in classes all over the country. This has made him a believer in the XD series, and for a Springfield XD subcompact, he focuses on the XD-S and XD Mod.2 as part of Springfield’s PDN Training Tour sponsorship.

More from Springfield

Of course Springfield makes other great handguns and rifles. The XD-S, XD Mod.2, XD-E and XD-M are all reliable guns, but the XD-S and XD Mod.2, in the five-inch Tactical version, four-inch, or subcompact version are the ones Rob encourages you to check out if you’re looking for a defensive carry handgun or a home-defense gun.

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