Rob Pincus

Springfield Armory: Shooting a Suppressed Handgun

Rob Pincus
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U.S. laws don’t support easy access to suppressed firearms for private citizens, so perhaps you have not experienced the advantages of firing a suppressed gun. Learn more about them from Rob Pincus, who’s on the range with a Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 4” Service Model with Threaded Barrel for a suppressor. It also has suppressor-height sights.

Suppressed Firearms for Training and Practice

Shooting with a suppressor attached simply makes handgun training and practice more comfortable and fun because you don’t need ear muffs or ear plugs. There is still the crack of supersonic ammunition, but the explosion of gas, the big concussion up against your face, doesn’t happen with a suppressor attached. Shooting subsonic ammunition, it’s even quieter.

Suppressed Firearms for Hunting

With a suppressor attached to a long gun for hunting, you can hear everything around you and not worry about damaging your hearing. You also won’t disturb other people in the environment, and perhaps not even scare the game away at your fellow hunter’s stand near you.

Suppressed Firearms for Home Defense

The real advantage of a suppressed defensive firearm is when employing it for home defense. Firing in an enclosed space such as a room or hallway of your home, with your family close by, everyone’s hearing will be negatively impacted if you fire an unsuppressed gun. You, the home defender, may experience audio exclusion and therefore don’t need hearing protection in a home-defense situation, but your family members may not experience this.

With a suppressed defensive firearm, you don’t have to worry about damaging your or your family’s hearing. The same applies if you have to fire a gun in the confines of a vehicle.

Springfield Armory and other manufacturers offer firearms with threaded barrels. Consider them when shopping for your next defensive firearm, and also think about contacting state and federal legislators to change the laws so that suppressors are more accessible to all law-abiding shooters.

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