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Tactical Walls - 2017 Tour Sponsor

Rob Pincus
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Tactical Walls returns as a 2017 sponsor of the PDN Training Tour. Tactical Walls is known for its great clandestine staging options designed for walls, including mirrors, shelves, mantels, photographs, chalkboards, and clocks. Now Tactical Walls is also offering tables, meaning it is becoming more of a full-service clandestine staging furniture company.

Check out the numerous videos demonstrating Tactical Walls’ products here on the Personal Defense Network in the self-defense tools category, and go to the Tactical Walls website for even more information.

Firearm Staging Table

The table shown in this video is equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) opening technology, which allows the homeowner to easily and quickly open an invisible drawer and access a defensive handgun. The drawer has enough room to also stage a spare magazine, flashlight, med kit, or other items of the homeowner’s choice.

Filling a Defensive Need

Tactical Walls has brought high-quality craftsmanship to something that hasn’t gotten enough attention in the mainstream firearms community. Prior to Tactical Walls, the only time you would see this type of clandestine staging and storage furniture was when it was custom or semi-custom made.

TW makes it easy for you to have high-quality clandestine staging options for your defensive firearms, medical equipment, emergency cell phone, and whatever else you want to put in these storage units.

Other Uses of Clandestine Storage Units

You can also secure your valuables in these storage areas. What is the likelihood a burglar will look in your clock when he’s searching your home for jewelry and your emergency cash stash?

PDN is proud to have Tactical Walls join us again as a sponsor of the 2107 Personal Defense Network Training Tour.

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