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Rob Pincus shows the best uses for the Tactical Walls rifle-length concealment shelf, Model 1242 RLS with RFID unit. Like so many of Tactical Walls’ concealment products, the Model 1242 looks completely innocuous and is a functional piece of home furniture.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Tactical Walls 1242 RLS rifle-length concealment shelf can be placed in a living room or bedroom, and family photos, trophies, decorations, or other items displayed on top of it. But if suddenly there’s a home invasion, you can quickly open the unit by utilizing the RFID key card. The bottom of the shelf opens and your emergency defensive tools are right in front of you.

You can store any home-defense weapons you want in the Tactical Walls concealment shelf, but taking advantage of its rifle length makes sense. Rob’s 1242 RLS contains an AR-15, flashlight, medical kit,and knife.

It’s a sturdy unit and can support a lot of weight on top of the shelf and obviously within the hidden compartment. It can be painted any color to match your home decor. Several different colors are available directly from Tactical Walls or you can customize it as you need to.

RFID Key Card

You might want to consider storing the RFID key card inside one of the items that resides on top of the shelf, so you will always know where the key card is and can access it quickly and easily if you need it. When you put the key card in the right spot on the top of the shelf, it pops open, giving you instant access to your defensive gear. To close it again, just push the shelf up.

With the Tactical Walls 1242 concealment shelf, you have, hidden in plain sight, met your obligation to prevent unauthorized access to your home-defense rifle, yet have it staged for quick use in a worst-case scenario in your home.

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