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Tactical Walls - Mod Walls

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

The latest products from Tactical Walls for storage, staging and in this case, displaying your defensive firearms and gear are Mod Walls. We take an in-depth look at how Mod Walls work and what options they offer.

Unlike many Tactical Walls products, which are designed to completely conceal firearms in furniture pieces such as tables, shelves, and mirrors, Tactical Walls Mod Walls are modular wall panels measuring 22 x 48 inches (two panels are shown in this video) and made from durable HDPE plastics.

Staging or Displaying Gear With Mod Walls

If using Mod Walls to stage defensive firearms, they should be set up in a secure location such as a vault room or safe room in your home, someplace with a good deadbolt lock so that unauthorized persons are not able to access them.

If using Mod Walls to display your firearms or other gear, the firearms should not have loaded magazines or chambered rounds in them.

Mod Walls Set Up

The wall panels are very easy to set up: just attach them with drywall screws to the wall. Then hang or attach your items to the hangers, racks and other attachments, which make it look like your items are floating in front of the wall. Tactical Walls sells Mod Walls in a package that contains the panel and various attachments, or you can buy all items individually in order to get exactly what you need.

Available attachments include a horizontal rifle rack, vertical rifle rack, single pistol holder, double pistol holder, shotgun rack, several models of attachment that let you hang your rifle by its magazine, small shelf, large shelf, and flashlight holder. For law enforcement professionals, a helmet hanger and vest hanger are available.

This video discusses use of Mod Walls in various defensive and other situations.

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